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Meet The Team At Your Local Equity Title

When you think of your future home closing, what do you envision? Do you think of sitting at a conference table with stacks of papers to sign that are piled high or intimidating, legal-types staring while watching you scribble your name away? For most buyers, this is the case. The team at Equity Title understands the pressure that comes with closing on your home. Our goal is to knock down the visions of frightening conference rooms and show you a process that is made simple with your best interests in mind.

Equity Title has been serving the Virginia Beach area for over 25 years providing accurate, detailed Settlement and Title Services. As the final step in the home purchasing and selling process is closing, Equity Title understands the importance of closing your home within a deadline. Through this process, exceptional service, timeliness, and customer dedication are guaranteed. Our team of specialists are committed to helping you “close with confidence!”Take some time to read further and discover the members of your team at your local Equity Title.

Since 1989, Stuart Held has served as the President of the Virginia Southside and Virginia Peninsula Offices of Equity Title. Held oversees all operations and facets of Equity Title. When he was younger, his dream was to be a pianist. Today, he takes pride in his commitment to customers of Equity Title and couldn’t see himself anywhere else.

Colleen Oates started at Equity Title shortly after its’ launch and now serves as the Office Manager at the Virginia Beach location. Oates has happily served for over 25 years in addition to being a do-it-all mother of two boys.

Debbie Dietz is a Processing Specialist for Equity Title where she works specifically with lenders and underwriters to produce documents for closing new construction homes. When she is not handling new home closings, Dietz bikes 26 miles every day!

As an Underwriter and Settlement Agent, there is never a dull moment in Jan Miller’s day. Miller mainly deals with title insurance and serves as a representative at closings, as well. Outside of the office, Miller enjoys spending time with her ten, loving grandchildren.

Sue Hoskins serves Equity Title as both an Underwriter and Virginia Certified Title Examiner. She has worked for the company since 2005 while being an extremely dedicated Nascar fan. At times, you may even catch her with her nails painted for number forty-eight!

Debra Mason focuses primarily on commercial and residential closings at Equity Title. She has a passion for growth and development in the Hampton Roads area. In her free time, Mason enjoys plays tennis for the United States Tennis Association.

Sydney Nichols serves as a Processing Specialist at Equity Title where she primarily works with refinancing as a Certified Underwriter. Nichols has a passion for helping her customers in every aspect of her work.

As a designated Commercial Underwriter, Norma Baynor has been a member of the team at Equity Title since 2004. She is not only a Virginia Certified Title Examiner, but a committed Redskins fan, as well!

Alex Smith works as an Administrative Assistant to the team at Equity Title. Smith ensures all searches, surveys, and backend paperwork is ordered and completed on a day-to-day basis. In her free time, Smith enjoys listening to her favorite band, Phish.

As the most recent addition to the team, Nancy Whitehurst serves as a Certified Title Settlement Agent in which she handles multiple processing and closings throughout the day. As someone who was raised in a large family, she understands the importance of putting you in a home with plenty of space within your timeline.

Linda Masters and Debbie Dunn work in the Newport News office location of Equity Title. Both women work for the team as Settlement Specialists with over ten years of experience with the company.

As a team of twelve, Equity Title can ensure you close in your given time frame while maintaining an industry known level of quality. The team shares a commitment to every customer helping them each step of the way. At Equity Title, we understand it is more than just closing your home, it’s the start of owning a new home.

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