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The Equity Title Experience

Closing on your home is the final step to becoming a homeowner. It’s the moment when all of your hard work finally pays off! From extensive research to relocating furniture, all of your steps lead to receiving the keys to your new home. At Equity Title, we understand this is a significant time for you…that’s why we’ve developed the Equity Title Experience.

Equity Title is different from other title companies in its’ approach; whether you are a buyer, seller, or agent, the experience is uniquely different. The Equity Title Experience is one that puts you first, throughout the process. We realize you have a choice in choosing your title company-and we’re glad you chose us! Equity Title commits to exceptional service by ensuring customers are informed, close on-time, and “close with confidence!”

We provide you with every available resource for closing. Special time has been taken to develop tools to inform both buyers and sellers including a closing calculator, seller’s net sheet, and glossary of common real estate terms. Use the closing calculator to discover estimated settlement charges you can expect during the closing process. If you’re a seller, look at our seller’s net sheet to view likely charges you may incur when selling a residential property. Regardless of your title, our glossary of common real estate terms can aid you in identifying important documents within your closing. The Equity Title Experience ensures customers are informed every step of the way!

With over 650 closings annually, we understand closing in a timely manner is important to everyone involved. All documents, procedures, and processes are discussed ahead of time making closings easy and timely. Realtor, Stacie Allen Gosiene, described her experience with Equity Title as, “One of our easiest, smoothest transactions with a title company!” Gosiene’s description precisely depicts the Equity Title Experience in which closing is made simple.

With our ample available closing resources, commitment to on-time closings, and our guarantee of complete confidence in the closing process, choose Equity Title—close on your home with the Equity Title Experience!

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