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Top 10 Selling Tips For Homeowners

What price should we sell at? Should we invest in new appliances? Is the exterior worth repainting? These are just a few of the questions you may face when preparing to sell your home and looking at selling tips for homeowners. Equity Title understands that the influx of information thrown at homeowners seeking answers can be overwhelming. To better serve you, we’ve compiled the top ten selling tips for homeowners to get the most out of their investment.

  1. Make It Accessible – Nothing stops a potential buyer like not being able to view the home! Arrange so that agents can easily access your home, rather than creating complicated schedules or viewing systems.
  2. Schedule A Photo Shoot (For Your Home) – Give your home a great first impression from the start by hiring a professional to photograph the home. As most buyers are looking at real estate online, impeccable photos make a world of difference.
  3. Declutter & Declutter Some More – Create open space by taking away the things that clutter it. Pack away items that are not essential to your everyday living and make the viewing process easier for buyers.
  4. Light It Up – Switch lightbulbs to higher wattage and open up blinds for natural light. Before buyers view the home, ensure that lights are on and the home looks as bright as possible. The brighter, the better!
  5. Take Away The Distraction – Personal family photos, prized artwork, and family pass-downs may seem like they add value to your home for you, but to others these items can be distracting. Put away personal items, as if you were moving, and leave furniture or just a few items to show off the space.
  6. Make Small Upgrades – Rather than spending huge amounts on full upgrades, choose small projects to upgrade. Replace hardware, switch out sinks, or change light fixtures. These small changes can make a huge impact rather than having a home that feels older and outdated.
  7. Use Agreeable Paint – Rather than keep paint colors that YOU like, choose to paint the home in agreeable colors like neutrals. White or light gray paint can make the space look much bigger.
  8. Add Your Own Marketing – Agents or professional groups may be marketing your home, but who better to show off your home than you! Upload a video showcasing the features you love the most about your home. Share your listing in neighborhood Facebook or email groups. Find a way to add your own marketing to the mix of local listings!
  9. Exterior Counts, Too  As we spend the majority of our time within our home versus outside, we tend to forget how important the curb appeal is. Clean exterior windows, paint or touch-up trim, power-wash siding, add plants, and pull weeds – you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes!
  10. Get a pre-home inspection – Of the previous selling tips for homeowners, this one can be more costly. However, having your home pre-inspected will give you the best idea of what repairs need to be made as well as the potential profit made from selling your home.

Use these selling tips for homeowners to shape your home for the selling to come. Get started on projects both inside and outside of the home. When you’re ready to close on your home, contact your local Equity Title for a timely and confident closing experience!

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