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How To Prepare Your Home for the Next Storm

News of recent hurricanes, heavy storms, and flash flooding have shed an incredible light on the importance of home preparation. While many believe this chaotic storm season ends after the heat of Summer, hurricane season doesn’t end officially until November 30th. Beyond hurricanes, Nor’easters occur year-round along the East Coast. Precipitation from these disastrous storms bring heavy rain or snow, gale force winds, and in some cases, disastrous coastal flooding. As the East Coast is ideal for year- round storm disasters, now is the time to prepare your home the array of weather to come! Use these tips to reduce future damages to your home.

Look at your roof. Wear and tear on your roof can cause serious problems with the potential for water damage within your home. As the seasons change and temperatures drop, it can be difficult to arrange repairs. Before this occurs, inspect your roof from ground- level. This is the time to check for fallen shingles or wet spots that may cause water leakage. If your roof is showing signs of water leakage, contact a roofer as soon as possible to make repairs before the winter wind and snow. Avoid costly repairs with preventative maintenance before the cold winter.

Check doors and windows. Over time door and window seals will crack, break, or warp in a way that allows precipitation or wind inside your home. Discover air leaks with burning incense or visible air flow visible air will help you determine areas letting air escape. From this, find sources that need caulk, sealant, or weather-stripping. For doors, foam-tape of tubular rubber, vinyl, or silicone weather stripping can be used to fix the leaking area. These simple hacks will protect your home from outside weather and help you save money on heating or cooling your home, as well!

Clear your home of debris. An impending storm can easily move overgrown bushes, old trees, and yard debris with harsh winds or heavy rain. This can lead to clogged gutters and further problems with water runoff. As a preventative measure, check gutters regularly and clear them of any fragments that could cause the gutter to clog. Before the next storm, trim the yard, cut back bushes, and groom nearby trees to avoid falling tree limbs or yard debris. Preparing your yard and gutters for the next storm can save you expensive costs right on your front lawn.

Bring Everything Inside. Similar to landscaping as a preventative measure, bring in all loose lawn, garden, or patio furniture before the next storm. Any items that are unable to be securely tied down should be brought inside. This will prevent yard items near your home from being picked up by strong winds or damaged by harsh weather.

Before the next storm remember to investigate roof leaks, check seals around doors and windows, clear yard debris, and make sure to bring any outdoor furnishings inside. Prepare your home for the next approaching storm with these tips provided by your local Equity Title!

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